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Server Setup

We are conversant with all versions of the Microsoft Server operating systems and environments. On the desktop, whether you are running Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP or earlier versions, IMP IT is able to help you with all your Windows and Microsoft Office Suite needs. We are able to perform installations and upgrades, resolve driver and other operating system or application issues as well as remove all viruses, spyware and malware.

Whether you have purchased a new machine or upgrading an older one, IMP IT can to install /upgrade the windows system of your choice. Services include driver updates, user account setup, device configuration and MS Office Suite application setup.

If you’re having performance or compatibility problems with either MS Windows or an MS application or experiencing other MS Windows errors, let us troubleshoot. We can optimise and tune your MS Windows systems so that it’s running with maximum efficiency.

The security of your computer is of the utmost importance; viruses, spyware or malware may infiltrate your PC at any time resulting in the destruction of your precious files, folders or applications or even the destruction and theft of your data. IMP IT use robust antivirus software to detect, remove and protect your computer from attacks. We are able to install up-to-date software on you machine and organise frequent upgrades to ensure maximum protection from continuously changing online threats..

Protect your PC’s and laptops from future attacks with the installation of a firewall. IMP IT are specialists in the configuration and optimisation of firewalls providing a secure working environment

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