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Communication is an essential part of all businesses today; the ability to retrieve information from a variety of sources in a fast and secure way is a necessity. IMP IT offers a full range of network design and support from planning the wiring of your new office through to installation and configuration. We can troubleshoot your new or legacy network environment, offering problem diagnosis and repair. Having a successful network enables your staff to have the flexibility to work from range of environments.

Our design team will ensure that your network has what you need, including:

  • Rapid retrieval of information from local internal systems, remote offices, email, the internet as well as other external sources
  • Security at various levels to ensure your data is safe
  • Connectivity of all your equipment including printers, scanners and barcode readers.
  • Multi-site and remote access to enable staff to work efficiently while on the road or at other external sites
  • Structured wiring solutions enabling maximum future flexibility in your building communications layout.
  • Well designed and secure wireless networking, so your staff can access your network where necessary - but others can't.

IMP IT offers specialist expertise in wireless network layout and site surveys. We can analyse your site and provide wireless network plans prior to implementation. With advanced wireless spectrum analysis, we can pinpoint existing wireless problems and interference and improve your wireless network performance.

IMP IT can provide networking equipment to complete your infrastructure implementation or upgrade. We work with most brands of VOIP, WiFi, ADSL routers, VPN devices and switches.

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