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IMP IT specialises in MS SQL Server and Microsoft Access. With over 20 years of industry experience across a wide range of industries with mission critical databases and applications, we understand the importance of your data systems. Our highly experienced staff are ready to help with any need from initial database design and application development right through to installation, troubleshooting and performance tuning.

Whether it’s a new or upgrade scenario, IMP IT can specify your database requirements or cross-check and verify existing specifications starting with hardware selection, software licensing and network infrastructure right through to implementation and configuration.

We go to great lengths in analyising your business requirements in order to determine the most appropriate database and then go about designing it to suit your needs. Our professional experts liaise with your staff to develop applications and reports that meet the specific needs of your business with a focus on getting it right the first time

Legacy database environments (older database technologies) more often than not outgrow infrastructures and this is what we are really good at… we evaluate your current environment and make recommendations to improve performance in the most cost effective way. On the other hand, if your database is no longer efficient but still of value, our staff are able to trouble shoot, repair and tune it to bring it back to its optimal performance level.

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